Sarah’s Jams

Unique, healthy, flavorful… Sarah’s Jams are just the right size to fit in a little gift bag for everyone on your list…teachers, co-workers, friends, extended family members… all those people you love and with whom you wish to share joy!

Email to place your order. $6.00 a jar while supplies last. You get one free jar in every dozen now through Dec.20! Pick-up at the farm at a time that works for you. 

Strawberry:  The fabulous taste of  MN strawberries is captured in these preserves made from strawberries fresh from our field.  We use calcium instead of sugar to thicken our preserves, so every bite is bursting with health and flavor. Mix it with yogurt, top off your ice cream, or slather it on your toast, waffles, muffins or scones.

Strawberry-Rhubarb: Tangy on your taste-buds, this delightful combination is only for people who grew up in the North and have developed a taste for the piquancy of rhubarb!   Spread it on toast, top off a waffle, or eat it straight out of the jar for a trip down memory lane.

Margarita Dip: Described as “Margarita in a jar”, this little doozie has more tequila and Grand Marnier in it than any other ingredient… supposedly all the alcohol burned off while cooking… which might explain why Sarah and the girls were a little dizzy making it:) Use it on crackers and cream cheese, or dip with pretzels.  


or Buy 11 Get 1 Free! 

Sarah Brouwer

P.S. Thank-you to everyone who has supported our jamming in the past. We LOVE to jam, and YOU make it worthwhile!

Buy 11 get 1 free = $66/dozen

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  1. Hi Sarah! I’d like to order 6 Strawberry jams and 6 Strawberry/Rhubarb jams. Let me know if you’d like me to pick them up at your place and when works best.
    Nancy Punt


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