Coping with Crop Loss; farmer series 1

Facebook post June 11, 2021: Dear strawberry friends, I’ve been trying to gather my courage to post to you… We have been experiencing catastrophic crop loss. …. We appreciate your graciousness and kindness as together we bring in the remainder of the harvest. Sarah Brouwer  After that heart-breaking post, I sat and watched the Facebook … Read more

A Year in the Life of a Strawberry

Did you get some strawberries in 2020?  We hope so! The season is so short, and we know it takes you some effort to get to our farm when the strawberries are ripe.  Many people ask me why we close early some days, and how long it takes to grow strawberries.  If you are one … Read more

What Did You Learn on ‘Grandpa’s Farm’?

You’ve heard that growing up on a farm develops character.  One of the interesting parts about inviting lots of people to our farm is that our visitors tell me stories about their farm memories.  I love these stories, and the way they reveal the character of our visitors.  As part of an article for the … Read more