How to Organize Your Sprays With Duct Tape

How to Organize Sprays with Duct Tape

Are you looking for a way to organize your sprays?  Last summer, we took a tip from a big crop farmer who had all his sprays in colored-coordinated bottles.  Instead of buying all new bottles, we purchased a number of rolls of colored duct tape.

We used them to color match all our bottles.  

The pure stuff goes on the upper shelf, the mix bottles on the bottom. 

Then, we made a place on the wall for a strip of each color with the herbicide or pesticide name and use.  We included mixing ratios for both spot spraying and spraying by the acre.

Hand sprayers are also color matched.  The backpack sprayer gets multiple uses, but each time we put something new into it, we put on a piece of duct tape to help us remember what it was last used for. 

Later in the summer, we’re mostly pulling out annual weeds, but we carry these little bottles around to hit any stray perennial weeds. These bottles are also color matched.   

We don’t like to spray, but since we’ve bowed to the necessity, this system helps us streamline the task.  

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