Farmer Series Prequel: Preparing for

A Season of “Crazy” Crazy WeeksHave you ever gone through crazy weeks? Our family just finished a session of ‘Crazy’ that involved spring planting, prom, science camp, a magazine interview and photo shoot, two trips to Iowa for our son and his wife, a CRP burn, and the grand finale was a wretched experience with … Read more

Why You Need Farm Gift Certificates

Have you ventured into the realm of gift certificates yet?  Because you are a seasonal businesses, with an uncertain crop, you may feel uneasy about giving out gift cards.  I certainly didn’t dare when my crop was below an acre and I was turning customers away by the hundreds because I didn’t have enough strawberries … Read more

StoryBranding Your Farm

I have marketing dilemma causing me to wake up at nights in cold sweats — I somehow need to get an extra five thousand people to come to our farm in June.  This is because Dan rashly planted an extra 4 acres last spring, hoping to finally beat me in our running contest to out-grow … Read more

Listening to Pooh

Listening With the sudden switch to warm weather, the bird chatter on the farm is reaching a crazy level of intensity.  I feel a bit like a little girl, listening in on my parents talking in Dutch around the kitchen table.  I knew they were talking about Christmas presents, or vacations, because otherwise they wouldn’t switch … Read more

Connecting Faith, Farm & Family

Connecting Faith, Farm & Family Hello, dear strawberry friends, This snow is really driving me nuts, and unless you like being stuck inside, you’re probably going a bit nuts too.  Are you dreaming of summer while glaring out the window? As I go on walks around the farm,  I dream of the scent of strawberries in the air.  I … Read more

Livestock Are Improving our Soil; Grant Awarded!

cover cropping

We were thrilled to receive a notice from the MN Department of Agriculture that our grant application for Livestock Investment has been approved! You probably know that we have consistently sold out of strawberries very quickly every year, and that this has led to our quest to grow more strawberries, while intentionally managing our soil health.   … Read more