Season’s Sweet Peak

What a week it was in the strawberry patch!  We have seen the most wonderful people of the area coming to our farm over the past few days, all of them excited about a functioning family farm.  Dennis Benson of Willmar took photos.  Bill De
an, host of the Morning Brew on KWLM, checked out the place.

Other people, less well-known, but with such interesting backgrounds came to pick berries, and visit with us.  There was a gentleman with the Fish and Wildlife Service that was interested in our cover crops. There was a family of immigrants from Chile, who helped run a strawberry farm with 1000 employees in Chile.  There was a lady from the Ukraine, who couldn’t believe that Americans think it is fun to pick their own food:)

We’re so grateful for each one of you who came, and helped affirm this dream of ours.

 Sweet Peak:

We are at the top of our bell curve of production!  Our crown Jewels will be fantastic all week.  Later in the week, you will be greeted by our late-season star, the Winona.   The Winona flavor is a delectable strawberry-peach combo, and the berries are clustered so heavily that you will hardly have to move down the row to fill your bucket.


We plan to be open for U-picking Mon.-Fri. 8am-7pm.  Please always check our website to confirm before coming, as weather and people flow can affect our hours.  Don’t miss the peak of the season!  Get your berries while you can!  Invite your friends, your neighbors, your relatives!  Bring really big buckets and plan to fill your freezer with the season’s finest fruit so that you can enjoy strawberries all winter long.


We plan to have plenty on the shelves, though you are welcome to reserve yourself a flat or more by calling (320)967-4718 or emailing  Please let us know if you plan on coming after 12 noon to pick it up.  Don’t miss these beauties!

4th of July Hours:

Saturday, July 4 we plan to be open for U-pick and pre-picked 8am-4pm.  Please check the website to confirm before coming.  I will have some pre-picked available that day.  I’ll post on the website when we are sold out.

WRAC TV Tour of Brouwer Berries!

Master Gardener Susan Mattson presents a tour of Brouwer Berries on youtube!  Join her as she visits the welcome center, rides the Strawberry Express to the field, visits with employees and customers, and learns what it takes to raise acres of strawberries in our harsh climate.   Click here to view!

 Thank-you all for your support of our farm, and we hope to see all of you this week!


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