How to get U-Pick or Pre-Picked Strawberries

This is it! The strawberries are ripe, and we are about to open for our short, three week season! You don’t want to miss this sweet chance to connect with faith, farm and family!  

Get ready for a delicious experience! 

Mon-Sat: 8 am – 7 pm

Sometimes we close early for ripening time or for bad weather.    I update my website  and Facebook frequently, sometimes five times a day, so please always check to see if we are open before driving out to the farm!  

Do you want us to pick strawberries for you? Drive up to the farm and buy some off the shelf! A 10# flat is $40.00.   We’ll help you load them into your vehicle. If you want to make SURE we have them when you arrive, you may call (320)967-4718 or email to reserve them in your name.  We’ll take orders for any day except Sundays through July 8.

Do you want the fun of picking your own? Make sure you bring a camera!  We will provide you with a container, or you may use your own. Make sure that we mark your container weight if it is an unusual shape and size.  Then, you go to the “All Aboard” sign to wait for the wagon.  

Once you get to the field, someone from our family will give you a row.  You will start at a red flag.  We ask that you plant the flag in the row where you end so that the next person knows where to start.  

Look for firm, red berries.  Gently place them in your containers with the tops still on.  Rejoice with us that the plants survived and thrived through challenging weather the past year! We are so grateful for this crop! 

You (adults) may eat a few so that you learn what are ripe berries, and what needs a few more days to ripen. PLEASE be respectful of our work by not making a meal of the fruit until you have left the field:) We encourage you to let your children taste berries of all colors, to teach them about gardening, and the joy of a good harvest.  

When your buckets are full, you may take a wagon ride back to the front desk.  

We will weigh your strawberries, subtract the weight of your containers, and you will pay $2.29/#.  We accept cash, checks, or credit cards.

Hopefully you have some extra time to play with the animals and enjoy the farm yard! There is no fee for this – we just ask that you be responsible for your own children, and be kind to our pets. 

You are now a local hero, a health nut, and a parenting rock star! Be blessed, and tell all your friends and family about our farm so that we are able to continue doing this many years into the future! 

Sarah Brouwer and family

P.S. Don’t forget that the strawberry season is ONLY THREE WEEKS long!  You’ve put up with too much winter to miss this chance for some great summer memories!  

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  1. My husband would like to come over on Tuesday. Probably around 1:00. Can we reserve a flat to purchase.? Plus he would like to pick some as well. Thanks.
    His name – Earl Molden.

  2. How much roughly would it be to have me and my son pick about 2-5 lbs? I know it won’t be exact but an estimate would be nice!


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