Early Spring; Pruning and Baby Critters

Spring on the farm means new life!

 Back in March, we welcomed a baby Hereford.  He’s a strong young calf.

 Since the pastures weren’t green yet, we kept him in the barn with his momma for a few weeks, gaining strength and size that will help keep him from being a target for coyotes once he’s in the field.

 Next, we bought two momma pygmy goats.  The previous owner told us he “thought they were pregnant.”  Two days later, one of them had a kid!

 She’s a darling little goat, and has a really cute little bleat.

 Our oldest son came home for a weekend and used his fire-fighting certification to do a prescribed burn in our wildlife area.  It was an exciting conflagration that slowed traffic for hours.

 Our chickens have been delighted with the warmer weather, and have been excitedly roaming around the yard.  It’s been getting harder and harder to find their eggs!

 It’s been fun to get to know our goats better!

 Little Ember, the new baby, has already doubled in size in two weeks, and is happily hopping around her pen.

Spring means time to prune the raspberries.

I think pruning is fun, because unlike weeding, it only has to be done once per year.

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