Going Out of Business Sale!

2023 update: We are permanently closed, and ready to sell off our business items!

Please look through our items for sale, with links to photos or product descriptions.  Email sarah@brouwerberries.com to reserve an item or ask questions.  Items can be paid for through Square or a mailed check.  On-farm pickup only. I will delete a listing when it is sold, or edit pending pickup. 

  1. Plastic quarts till box of 1000:  16 boxes available, $99 each
  1. Tubeline Bale Boss I Series 3820: $9,999.00 See in action here. Photo here.
  2. Mechanical Transplanter 1000, Two-Row Strawberry Planter, with two drip tape attachments included: $7,900.00 for all four parts. (see photo of a one-row planter here and our entire unit in action here.) Always stored inside; used two days per year. Perfect working condition. We are willing to sell the parts separately.
Wagons and Custom-Builds for Strawberries:
  1. 14 seat people-mover wagonStairs and rails insurance compliant.  Built-in shelving for strawberry flats. Needs re-painting and some repair of warped boards from being stored outside. Tires have not been aired up in two years.$1,700.00.  
  2. 10 seat people-mover wagon box: Stairs and rails insurance compliant. Built-in shelving for strawberry flats. Needs re-painting and replacement of some warped boards from being stored outside. This is currently resting on pallets.  It needs to be placed on a boat trailer or some other kind of trailer bottom.  $900

  3. Wagon used for de-blossoming and a shelving topper (no photo) for extra flats. We used the topper to pull pre-picked flats in from the field, and as a place for our employees to weigh and store pre-picked in the field.  It holds about 40 flats.  Needs repainting and replacement of some warped boards from being stored outside.  $450 for wagon and topper.
  4. Cage for small petting area. (Needs re-painting and some small repairs, but perfect for kids to hop in and out of.) $50*pending sale
  5. 3 Countertops with a cash drawer, for greenhouses or on-farm markets, sturdy to withstand weather.  $100, $50, $50
Irrigation, two pumps, hose, filters, couplings.  
All our irrigation is band and latch.  Pipes are 30 feet long each.  
twenty-five 2 inch aluminum pipes (2,340 feet). $1.25/foot or $37.50/pipe
twenty 4 inch aluminum pipes (600 feet) ($2.00/foot or $60/pipe)
eighteen 5 inch aluminum pipes (540 feet) (2.50/foot or $75/pipe)
four 2 inch end plugs = $25 each
five 3 inch end plugs = $30 each
one 2 inch tee = $85 
five 3 inch tees = $100 each
one 4 inch tee =$135 each
two 4×3 reducer = $85 each
three 3×2 reducers = $75 each
two 90 degree two inch elbows = $50 each
three 90 degree three inch elbows = $65 each
one 90 degree four inch elbow = $85
about 70 Rainbird irrigation sprinkler heads = $50 each
five 2 inch shut offs = $50 each
PTO Centrifugal pump Caprari and thirty feet flexible intake pipe  =$2,250
  1. Deadline slugbait: 50# bags for $110 each (3 full bags available, one nearly full for $95) 
Half-Moon Hoes: $45 each (3 available) Photos here.
18″ Parking cones, 3 available, $10 each
  1. “How Berry Big Are You?” Wooden, custom-painted yearly growth sign.  $450 
  2. “All Aboard” wooden sign for a wagon ride. $20

Thanks for looking! Please email sarah@brouwerberries.com to reserve your items



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Awesome berries located close to Willmar, MN! You-pick option or place orders available. Love the varieties of strawberries grown here, too. Nicely kept kept farm and sweet employees - 5 stars!!
Tricia Nelson
Prinsburg, MN
The absolute best, sweetest & juiciest berries on this earth!
Ang Zwart
Prinsburg, MN
Brouwer Berries is the best u-pick and pre-picked strawberry field! Their many varieties are big and sweet...an explosion of fresh fruit in your mouth and down your chin!
Corrine Dahl
Willmar, MN