Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! You can purchase pre-picked by the flat HERE A flat is equivalent to 2-ice cream buckets full.  Flats will ONLY be available through an online purchase link HERE posted daily during the harvest around 12 AM for same-day pickup.  Supplies are limited, and we are very sorry, but there is no pre-ordering available.  

Pre-picked: A six quart flat is $59 (This is approximately  10 lbs, or 2 ice cream buckets full of strawberries.)  Prices are subject to change due to uncertainty with weather and labor.  Half flats will also be available. 

U-Pick: ***June 21, 2022 update: we lost a lot of plants in the heat, so we probably won’t be able to open for U-pick.  I’ll post on Facebook if that changes. 

Our container:  $2.99/# 

Your ice cream bucket filled = $16.00. (less if you don’t fill it all the way:)

Pre-picked: We provide containers.

U-Pick: Please bring your own ice cream buckets to allow for contact-less service! If you don’t have ice cream buckets, we will provide containers that have been carefully stored in a clean room. 

We take payment in cash, checks or credit/debit cards. 

8 AM – sold out., Mon-Sat. Check the latest post on Facebook or the top of this website Home Page  to confirm availability.  Sarah will update it daily, sometimes even hourly, during the strawberry season, to reflect current conditions.  

2022: Bunnies will be available to play with, and lots of sheep! Due to avian bird flu in the county, we will not have chicks or ducks this year.  Now that we don’t have to social distance, wagon rides to and from the field will be available if weather and ground surfaces are permitting!

Yes!  You will make priceless memories when you take your children to our farm and let them ‘help’ you! What a fantastic outdoor, family experience! 

Sweetness comes from sunshine, so watch the weather.  A few days of sun, and all our berries are sweet.  A few days of clouds and rain, and their taste is more tart.  

For size, we grow 11 kinds, and they are different shapes and sizes.The first picking is the king, which is the largest, but most rare.  After that comes the queen and her court, which grow in good clusters.  We always give you the best row that is available when you arrive, but that can change by the hour and day.  

The health of our employees and guests is extremely important to us.

Guests and employees may not come to the farm if they are displaying symptoms of illness or have come in contact with an ill person.

We will have  contact-free hand-washing stations available for employees and guests.  Hand-washing training has always been a big part of our employee training and protocols. 

Contact-free purchasing through on-line ordering will be available, along with drive-thru pickup.

Contact-free U-pick will be available through flat rate buckets.  We will not allow any other packaging from home to be used to minimize staff and guest contact.

Visitors to our farm will have a choice to walk to and from the field or have a wagon ride if conditions are favorable for the wagon and tractor.  

Credit/debit cards are encouraged to allow for contact-free transactions. 

We have disinfection protocols for staff to regularly follow to sanitize high-contact surfaces such as doorknobs, taps, and porto-potties. 

All these decisions are subject to change.  Stay healthy, stay safe, and plan to fill your freezer with locally-grown fruit that builds your immunity! 

No. However, we use many growing practices that are organic, as our children can testify after hundreds of hours hand-weeding! We let our children eat the berries straight out of the field without washing them because we know that as long is there are no bird droppings, the berries are pure goodness.   We are involved in a 3 year Sustainable Agriculture Study with the Department of Agriculture.  Our goal is to determine if grazing sheep and cover crops can provide all the nutrients needed in the soil by our strawberry plants.  You can read updates on this study in our blog. 

No, you get to walk on clean straw in the rows.  You may get a little wet from damp straw, but you will not get muddy – unless you go to the end of the row and roll around like some of our younger visitors:)

We once had a veteran with no legs pull himself down the strawberry row, determined to pick his own.  It was an inspiring sight! If the wagon is running and your mobility device can be lifted onto it, we will do it. If not, you are welcome to try wheel your chair to the field.  The ground is uneven, so it will be challenging, but not impossible, as long as we haven’t had too much rain.  We have a handicap-accessible mini-biff for your convenience. 

No! You get to pick from many strawberry varieties that ripen at different times. You may come a week, or even two weeks  after we open and pick in a variety that has just ripened.  We have 11 different varieties

Probably not. We’ll post on Facebook if we change our minds or find extra staff to run a market. 

3-5 days, if you do not wash them or take their stems off until you are ready to use them. Store them in the lower part of your refrigerator, uncovered or loosely covered.

Put them in a colander and rinse them off with cool water. You can put them in a sink of cold water and gently swish them around, but don’t leave them in the water long or they will absorb the water and turn mushy. Be gentle with your berries.   See our recipes page for detailed handling and freezing methods

You can purchase a box of Pomona’s Universal Pectin from us.  It is a natural and low-sugar alternative to the pectins sold in big box stores. See our recipes page for more details. 

Yes, but availability is limited to what she has ready the day you arrive at the farm. 

It is your choice if you want to continue picking, but if there is lightning we request that you come in from the field.

To delight our guests with sweet strawberries and a farm experience!

We grow the best possible produce using mainly manual labor.  We serve the environment by using sheep and cover crops to replenish our soil instead of chemicals, and by using drip irrigation instead of overhead sprinklers to conserve water.  We donate our first fruits to the Willmar Food Shelf and Meals on Wheels as a Bible lesson for our children and an act of faith to the One who provides.  At the end of the harvest we choose people to ‘glean’ free from the field as Ruth did in Boaz’ field.  Every aspect of fieldwork becomes a lesson to our children and our employees of trust in the Great Provider. 

“May the Lord bless this land with the precious dew from heaven above and with the deep waters that lie below; 14with the best the sun brings forth and the finest the moon can yield; 15with the choicest gifts of the ancient mountains and the fruitfulness of the everlasting hills; 16with the best gifts of the earth and its fullness and the favor of him who dwelt in the burning bush.” Deuteronomy 33:13-16 

In a nutshell:

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You've put up with too much winter weather to miss this chance for sweet summer experiences with your family!

2. Come get U-pick or pre-picked local strawberries! (*no U-pick in 2021 due to crop loss)

You are connecting with faith, farm and family! You are a local hero!

3. Enjoy local strawberries all year long!

You have supported a local farmer, provided healthy choices for your family, and created a sweet summer memory with your children!

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