The First Day of the Rest of My Life

I had the first day of the Rest of My Life yesterday.

By “the Rest of My Life”, I mean, no homeschooling.  Picture this, I had my first child 22 years ago, and the last one is only 5 years old.  I’ve had little kids at home, all day long thanks to the craziness of homeschooling, for 22 years.  That’s more than half my life!  Imagine then, the incredible feeling the day this fall that the kids all left…

I spent a blissful hour cleaning.  I say blissful, because it stayed clean behind me, and also, I could just clean, not moderate fights and answer questions and keep students on task at the same time.  It was blissful and… dare I say it…. a bit boring:)  I had just sat down at the computer to think about how to structure all my grand plans for the rest of my life when I got a phone call informing me that a member of our church died and I’m the next chair of the next serving circle up, and I needed to organize the set up, serving and clean up for a funeral meal for Friday, and by the way, everyone in my circle works except me, so good luck finding helpers.  

My first thought was…. I need a job!  

Well, I’m working on that…  but in the meantime, I guess I’m planning a funeral!  Should be easy, the meal is being catered, I just need to find a crew of people like myself who “Don’t Work.

What on earth will I do with the Rest of My Life???

1 thought on “The First Day of the Rest of My Life

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